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New blog incomming

Currently working on migrating my Wordpress blog to jekyll on Github Pages. In the meantime I just wanted to say: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque tempor nulla ligula, vel euismod eros sodales eu. Praesent at accumsan arcu, sed egestas dui. Praesent suscipit lorem ac mi aliquam, suscipit semper purus sagittis.

Read Scientific Papers on Your Kindle

Reading scientific on your Kindle (or other eBook reader) usually sucks. The text is usually only available as PDF or PS files and formatted in a way that is meant for printing in A4, or US Letter. A two-column layout is also very common, which further complicates things. In this post I show you a simple way to get these papers on your eBook reader for comfortable reading.

Universal Python Server

I recently read a cool post by Joe Armstrong in which he showcases his favorite Erlang program: the universal server. The program creates an easily distributable generic server, that can perform any concrete task you tell it to by sending it a function. E.g. it could act as an HTTP server, RPC server, etc.