I'm Building

  • Your Apps

    🌐 You need a new website?

    πŸ“± Or maybe a mobile app?

    πŸ’» You want to bring your solution to the desktop?

    Using cutting edge technologies we will get your product into the hands of your customers wherever they are!

    react react-native angular electron ios android flutter typescript swiftui

  • Your SaaS

    πŸš€ You need to scale?

    ❀️ You want to provide an API developers will love?

    🧱 A rock solid backbone for your product?

    We'll build on the shoulders of giants and use battle tested technologies that can handle anything you throw at them!

    elasticsearch postgresql graphql openapi springboot fastapi lambda-arch aws ci docker kubernetes

  • Your Unicorn

    You're startup is building the Airbnb of cat streaming ride shares on the blockchain?

    Sounds awesome! Let me help you with my experience and let's build an MVP that will launch you to the moon!

    code4equity mvp mlp canvas swot uvp lean startup funding

  • Hmm...

    Not exactly what you're looking for? Or not sure where to start?

    Just book a free session and let's talk about how I can help you!

    If it can be built, it will be built!

How Does It Work?

Your road to success

Everything Starts with a
Free Consulting Session

Here we will get to know each other and talk about your idea. Maybe you already have something specific in mind? Or maybe you need a bit of help fleshing things out? No strings attached, let's have a chat !

After this session we will have a good idea on what you want to achieve and whether we are a good fit. If you'd like to proceed you will...


Get a Free* Case Study

The next step on our journey is a case study in which I will write up what we talked about in our session and provide a more concrete outline of the project. We can iterate on this until you are fully satisfied.

This document will lay the foundation for the project, giving you a better overview on the scope and necessary steps of the project.

* To protect myself against bad-faith offers the case study is billed initially but will be fully reimbursed via a rebate on the final bill.


Watch Your Dreams
Become Reality!

Once we agree on the project outline and sign the contract I will start working on the project. We'll have tight feedback loops where I'll keep you updated on the current status and where we iron out potential misunderstandings before they even happen.

You decide how involved you want to be, from informal zoom sessions, to full SCRUM sprints, we will find a schedule that works best for you.

Sit back, relax and watch your dreams take shape before your eyes!



Fairness and Transparency. Choose the model that suits you best.
  • Hourly Rate
    € 125.-

    Easy, flexible and hassle-free. The most popular choice for many projects. You have full control over your costs and can stop anytime. You only pay for the amount of hours you actually used!

  • Project Based
    Flat Rate

    The economical choice. Best option for clearly defined projects. In exchange for you committing to the full project up front, I can offer a more economical rate due to the increased planning security.

  • Code4Equity
    Slice Of The Pie

    Instead of monetary compensation I'm also willing to work for equity in your company. Just get in touch, sell me on your idea and we'll make it happen! Great choice for startups!

  • Non Profit

    I'm open for all kinds of non profit work! Maybe a workshop for kids? Guest lecture about an exciting topic? You run an NGO and need help? Just get in touch and we'll see if we can make it happen!

My Tech Stack

Each project is different, but at least one of these usually ends up as part of the stack.

No garbage, just speed... my go-to language for backing services.
(πŸ¦€ Crab people Rustaceans πŸ¦€)


It's readable, it's reliable, it's Python, and will handle anything you throw at it.
(Maybe runs a bit slow... but it just keeps running.)


Whether in the browser, on mobile devices, or on the server... JavaScript is omnipresent!
(And with types actually usable.)


The days of the monolith are over, nowadays you'll be orchestrating at least a few services.
(BuT It RUNs ON my mACHINe...)


If your problem can't be solved with postgres, you're probably solving the wrong problem.
(Or maybe you're analyzing particle accelerator data?)

Whatever it takes

There's never a one size fits all solution and I love solving new challenges!


Clients, Co-Founders, Friends


Get in touch and let's make your dreams a reality!
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